Quyen & Toan | Engagement
Quyen & Toan | Engagement Quyen & Toan have known each other a little over a year. It didn’t take long before these two decided to tie the knot. It’s the kind of love that made Quyen move 3,000km away from her home. The moment Toan proposed to her, she dropped everything in Edmonton and moved to Montreal. They say love can move mountains, this one moved cities. They picked a nice summer weekend to come to Toronto to book us, and what a surprise as they asked to do their engagement shoot on that same day. Why not!!! Since it was such a beautiful summer day, we couldn’t pass the chance and we’re glad that we did it spontaneously, because we all had so much fun. -Dewey
Catherine & Jacob | Engagement in Old Port Montreal
Last weekend, we drove 570 km to Montreal to shoot Catherine & Jacob’s engagement session in the beautiful Old Port. But let’s be honest, any occasion for us to pay a visit to our hometown is a delightful getaway. Who can resist the food, the summer festivals, the joie de vivre of our French Canadian heritage and of course, our family and friends. Catherine & Jacob are Montrealers who recently moved to Ottawa. Therefore, when we asked them if they wanted to do their engagement shoot in Ottawa or Montreal, the final verdict was made without any hesitation. It is the place where they met, it is where it all started. The couple has been together for the longest time and have finally decided to get married this winter. These two crazy love birds brought lots of energy and laughter to the photoshoot. I had to stop in the middle of the shoot a couple of times because their laugh was so contagious that it was nearly impossible to hold my camera steady. They chose the Old Port because of its European flair. Its historic buildings and charming brick roads is what sets Montreal apart from other cities in Canada. […]
Engagement | Wendy & Long
Wendy & Long have been together for over a decade and have two beautiful daughters. Between running their Edible Arrangements store in Mississauga, renovating their home, bringing the kids to school, piano lessons and caring for their two dogs, they have finally decided to tie the knot this year in Montego Bay, Jamaica. After having to postpone 3 times due to bad weather and with only one week left before the wedding, mother nature finally decided to smile upon us with a nice sunny afternoon. I still remember the first time we were discussing the engagement shoot with Wendy & Long. The expressions on their faces were priceless. They were nervous, skeptical and unsure of being able to deliver fun, natural and intimate poses for the pictures. There was extra pressure as they wanted us to create them a guestbook album with these shots for the wedding on the following week. Needless to say, we stayed up all night after the shoot to work on the pictures, created the album and sent in a rush order to the printer. The couple delivered great pictures and the album came right on time for the flight. I say, not bad for a […]