For those who didn’t know, Dewey and I used to own a restaurant in downtown Toronto. A creperie on Queen West called Chococrepe. When we first opened our restaurant, The Grid was the first to show up at our door and gave us our very first review. We quickly framed it and proudly hung it on our wall. Even though Chococrepe no longer exists, we will forever be thankful to them and the great team behind this wonderful publication. It is very sad to learn that The Grid weekly magazine is folding their operation after publishing 162 issues over the past 3 years. You will be sorely missed. Kim

Wendy & Long have been together for over a decade and have two beautiful daughters. Between running their Edible Arrangements store in Mississauga, renovating their home, bringing the kids to school, piano lessons and caring for their two dogs, they have finally decided to tie the knot this year in Montego Bay, Jamaica. After having to postpone 3 times due to bad weather and with only one week left before the wedding, mother nature finally decided to smile upon us with a nice sunny afternoon. I still remember the first time we were discussing the engagement shoot with Wendy & Long. The expressions on their faces were priceless. They were nervous, skeptical and unsure of being able to deliver fun, natural and intimate poses for the pictures. There was extra pressure as they wanted us to create them a guestbook album with these shots for the wedding on the following week. Needless to say, we stayed up all night after the shoot to work on the pictures, created the album and sent in a rush order to the printer. The couple delivered great pictures and the album came right on time for the flight. I say, not bad for a […]

Dewey and I drove up to Montreal to attend the album launch concert from my good old friend Sebastien Legault’s band, Appalaches at the L’Hémisphère Gauche bar. Appalaches is a post-rock band from Montreal with 4 members who have enough energy to shake the whole block down. “Mòn” is the band’s very first album; a precious melodious and strong album that you will quickly fall in love with, packaged in a beautiful album designed by Sebastien himself. Did I forget to mention that Sebastien is also a renowned creative director/graphic designer too? (please see link below for his work). Yes, all of the nice designs for the band is from him. Appalaches warned us all that they will play loud and they surely delivered! Great show, awesome music, high energy and lovely crowd. Congrats Appalaches for a successful launch! Kim Appalaches Band: To listen and buy the Album: Bar: Sebastien Legault:

While growing up in Montreal, we used to trek to the top of Mont-Royal to do the neatest thing that I would not even think of doing now. We went up to feed racoons every Sunday during the summer season. I’ll never forget the joy and excitement of handing crackers to a wild animal’s paws as a kid. That relationship rapidly turned sour when I moved to Toronto, they’re everywhere, they’re pests, they make noise, they trash your garbage and the list goes on. I decided one day in January of this year to drive out to the outskirt of Kleinberg to hunt racoons in their natural habitat. And if you’re wondering, yes I shot him at least 20 times. Here’s my favourite shot, all hopes of reviving my childhood love is back. Dewey Shot with Canon 5D Mark III and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM Lens

How did we meet? Kim and I go a long way back. I would say 32 years, meaning I’ve met her since she was born “that’s what my mother told me”. Kim’s mom even asked my mom for name suggestions while she was pregnant with her. We didn’t really play with each other while growing up, I was too busy having fun with her brothers doing boys stuff. It was not until 19 years later that we started to talk to one another. How do we manage to work together? Who would’ve known we would end up married, we’re totally different people. We’ve now been working together since 2006. From one venture to another and here we are now documenting weddings. People always ask us “how do you guys do it, how do you work all day together and go home to the same face and not go crazy”. It’s easy, you both have to love what you do, be honest, set boundaries as to whom is in charge of what. Don’t get me wrong, not everyday is gravy but for the most part, we compliment each other well as we share the same vision. How did we get into […]