Kim and Dewey | 30 something odd years

How did we meet?

Kim and I go a long way back. I would say 32 years, meaning I’ve met her since she was born “that’s what my mother told me”. Kim’s mom even asked my mom for name suggestions while she was pregnant with her. We didn’t really play with each other while growing up, I was too busy having fun with her brothers doing boys stuff. It was not until 19 years later that we started to talk to one another.
kim and dewey

How do we manage to work together?

Who would’ve known we would end up married, we’re totally different people. We’ve now been working together since 2006. From one venture to another and here we are now documenting weddings. People always ask us “how do you guys do it, how do you work all day together and go home to the same face and not go crazy”. It’s easy, you both have to love what you do, be honest, set boundaries as to whom is in charge of what. Don’t get me wrong, not everyday is gravy but for the most part, we compliment each other well as we share the same vision.

How did we get into the wedding industry?

Kim’s brother Chi has been a photographer since forever. He is the one who gave us our very first DSLR a few years back and mentored us. Chi started One-Blink in 2010, his company focuses in photography and cinematography. That was our learning ground, we were driving back and forth between Toronto & Montreal, trying to tag along to as many gigs as possible. There were 5 of us. Kim, her 2 brothers, our sister in law and I. I recall arriving at weddings together full of excitement and anxiety, ready to take on the world and exhibit our style.

All in all, we’re just 2 love birds who enjoy witnessing other people’s story and we’d jump at any occasion to play a part of their day. I can finally say I’ve finally found happiness in what I do, it only took 30 something odd years.


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